The Party EP

by Jazz Hands

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Jazz Hands started as a two man project, and eventually grew into a full band. Songs were recorded throughout early 2010, and eventually put onto cassette and CD-R. The music has a fun and positive vibe, but with a slightly underlying meaningfulness.

Corey Salts - vocals/guitar
Brad Roessner - guitar
Mike Piccituo - bass/vocals
Andrew Stainbrook - drums

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released June 24, 2010



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Messy Life Records Ohio

2 guys from Ohio eating pizza and ruining your day.

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Track Name: Balloon Boyz
Be happy, love everyone you can.
Grow a mustache and wear shorty shorts.
Probably hanging out with my best friends tonight.
(Who's to say your friends aren't family?)
Hell yeah, we're gonna play some Xbox.
Probably go walk to the park, and sit on benches.
I'm sailing high above the sky. Oh man, would you look at these colors?
This is where I belong.
I'm gonna plant a tree just for you,
only 'cause you make us cookies.
Track Name: I Don't Think I'm Into Toga Parties
Everyone's going to this stupid party
wearing stupid costumes
and drinking shitty drinks.
I don't want to go out tonight, not even to see you.
Sometimes, I just want to...
To be left alone.
Sometimes I just need to concentrate on what I have to do.
I don't want to go to a stupid party!
Track Name: Champions of Breakfast
I don't like to play with toys.
I gave that up when I was 13.
It's why I don't like the way you twist and bend.
Tiny hands, plastic bodies,
with all intentions to make you happy.
But I don't believe in that bullshit anymore.
Sometimes I wish that I was still a kid.
I still have all my toys.
I've hidden them under my bed,
along with their plastic dreams.
Track Name: Remember the Boat Times?
When it's all been said and done
I just can't wait to see what kind of tree I'll be.
No I can't wait to see
what kind of tree I'll be.
There's no more cities, what a pity.
You know, I think it might be best that way.
Without those cities and their smokestack diddies
these branches would have room to breathe and sway.
Well, I'm going away.
But if the wind keeps picking up like this,
I'll have roots growing from my wrist,
so I can't resist the way
I've been giving up so quick.
I got roots growing from my wrist,
so I can't resist this anymore.
Track Name: Tiny Hands
I always tell myself, that even with these tiny hands
I'll reach up and pick out the stars.
Hold them in my tiny hands,
carry them to you.
March right through every obstacle in my way.