Mountain Dewds EP

by Papa Steve

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Recorded throughout 2012, this is the first EP by Papa Steve. Papa Steve started as a solo project of Corey Salts. At a house show in Sandusky, Corey got down on one knee and asked Ian Bowers to play Bass for the super-group. These are also the two jerks that run this label.


released November 27, 2012

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Corey Salts at Messy Life HQ.



all rights reserved


Messy Life Records Ohio

2 guys from Ohio eating pizza and ruining your day.

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Track Name: Trash's House Destruction Party
Pizza, beer, and everyone's here.
They showed up two hours late.
Oh well, that's punk rock time.
Everyone to the basement, let's go!
We're having a show
breaking strings and throwing things.
Someone drank all the beer!
And Ian's throwing up,
he fell down the stairs,
and I'm not gonna clean up.
Maybe if we get drunk enough
we'll take off all our shirts.
And wrestle around in the kitchen,
come at me bro!
Track Name: Terminal Chillness
I've got a problem,
some call it a disease.
And the only way to cure it
is too fucking expensive.
My illness has got me so down
in the best kind of way.
When I'm in it, I see myself
mad chillin with my friends on the beach
and everyone is happy to be with me.
I want to be on a boat on the sea.
The sun only sets when I want it to.
I can swim with all the sea creatures.
But the sharks try to play mean jokes on me.
Don't hassle me, I'm local.
Don't hassle me, can't you see that I'm local?
Track Name: Bungus Surf
This place has really left a bad taste,
I want out.
I want to throw it all away.
This place has really left a bad taste,
I want out.
I want to get out of the bungus.
So I grab my gear and my cat,
throw them in a duffel bag.
Grab my board and I'm off.
Sewer surfing 'til I see the end,
propelling super forward, and making some stops.
For Pizza, beer, Mountain Dew, cat food.
There could be some reason to hang back,
I'm sure. But what about reason to move forward?
I'm in some need of some new non-sewer scenery.
What are your thoughts on that?
There's a hard shell on my head,
and another one on my back, so what, I know that.
But a turtle's gotta do, what a turtle's gotta do
and so do I.