It's a Messy Xmas!

by Messy Life Records

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This album was made for Christmas 2010. We handmade about 70 CD-R's in cardboard sleeves with original cutout Christmas tree covers. They were given out free to all of our friends!


released December 19, 2010

Shoutout to all the homies that helped by contributing a song and also helped us construct all the cases.

Jack Schemenauer, Spencer Radcliffe, Braden Bixler, Matthew Bahnsen, Cody Kirkendall, Rob Zajac, Kyle Kilmer, Toby Fallsgraff, Mike Weatherford, Maura Weaver and Ryan Rockwell.



all rights reserved


Messy Life Records Ohio

2 guys from Ohio eating pizza and ruining your day.

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Track Name: Papa Steve - Christmas LVL UP!
Man Christmas sure would be a bummer,
if I didn't get what I wanted.
A level up to beat the holiday season.
Hey mom, it's me your son.
I've been a real good boy this year,
and I don't want jeans for Christmas.
Instead, I thought maybe you could get me
a level infinity sword of destiny.
I need all the XP I can get, Mom.
Gotta destroy that final boss.
So bring me all the low level enemies
and I'll move on to the high level enemies.
I kick things in the face
smash crates and pots to bits,
I need all the extra cash I can get.
I know how to avoid the tough ones,
I can't quite match their strength.
But I can beat the shit out of
all of the low level wieners.
So bring me my stepdad, I'll punch him in his face
only to find out he's only worth 5 XP.
I require 17,365,210,654 experience points to level up.
I defeated the flan, LEVEL UP!
I defeated an octorok, LEVEL UP!
I defeated a bandersnatch, LEVEL UP!
I defeated a behomoth, LEVEL UP!
I defeated Sephiroth, LEVEL UP!
I defeated Griever, LEVEL UP!
I defeated Ganon, LEVEL UP!
Just because I kick ass, LEVELUP!
All I want is to level up!